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Dreaming | Hiccup

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock sat up in his bed, safe in the Hufflepuff dormitory. It was about midnight. His notebook was open in his lap, waiting for inspiration to strike and for his quill to take off on the page, as it did most nights when the common room and the dorms were filled with nothing but silence. But nothing came. He couldn’t find the motivation to create anything. He couldn’t figure out why. His life was fine. So, Merida knew about Toothless now. His life couldn’t end because of that, could it? His dad wasn’t going to find out anytime soon, and his feelings for Merida were out in the open. He closed his journal and leaned over, setting it in his nightstand drawer. Nothing had ever stopped him from jotting down an idea or two in that leather book. So why now?

He sighed, laying down with a huff. He kicked the covers down and let them rest over the bottoms of his legs, like how he always slept. His feet were always cold, but he couldn’t stand to have stockings on while he was asleep, so he simply covered only his feet and lower legs with a blanket. He laid on his back, looking directly up at the ceiling. He closed his eyes, breathing in and out deeply a few times to release the stress of the day as his father had always done. His dad’s breathing was so loud, it shook the house at night. Hiccup always knew when his father was about to fall asleep. He rolled his eyes thinking about it. He held his hands on his stomach, lacing his fingers together. Keeping his eyes closed, he imagined himself laying on a bed of tall grass, looking up at the starry night sky. Soon he fell deep into slumber, but the images changed slightly.

Soon everything around him was on fire. Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade, everything. He was standing outside of Hagrid’s hut, just watching everything unfold. For some reason, the small hut was the only thing that remained untouched by the inferno. He ran in the direction of the woods, knowing that the students of Hogwarts would be safe, but his best friend needed him to get away. He ran as fast as he could into the raging inferno to the very spot that they had met, where Toothless hid from the world. Everything was burning, trees were falling around him, and the dragon was nowhere to be found. “Toothless!” he yelled as loud as he could. He heard a loud roar, almost like a screech, from a small distance. He sprinted towards the sound and found the dragon, pinned underneath two burning trees. He was barely breathing. Hiccup no longer cared if his hands burned. He pushed the trees as hard as he could, singing his hands in the process, but he couldn’t feel his hands. The logs wouldn’t budge.

Toothless looked at him with desperation and took a final surge of strength to try and push the trees aside, but he wasn’t so lucky. Another tree fell directly on top of the beast’s head, and he was gone. Gone from Hiccup’s life, and gone completely from the world. Hiccup stood there, looking blankly at the pile of burning wood, not believing what he was seeing. But there was still time. He could make sure that the only other thing that mattered to him was safe. Merida. He ran again, up the hill by Hagrid’s, which was now fully engulfed in flames, and finally arrived at the castle. He could hear the flames swallowing parts of the castle whole, and it made him shiver to think that he could possibly lose his two best friends on the same night. “Merida!” he yelled through the halls, searching desperately for her until he heard a familiar cough.

He ran in the direction of the noise again, hoping to find a better result than he did in the forest. He had already lost Toothless. He couldn’t handle losing Merida as well. He found her, engulfed in smoke, laying on the floor just outside the door to the Great Hall. He knelt beside her. “Merida!” he said softly. “Are you okay?” he asked her, stroking her hair back and staring at her mouth, wide open, begging for oxygen. Hiccup had to get her outside, where she had a chance. He lifted her, bridal style, and walked out as fast as he could through all the smoke. Of course, it was similar to the mist that he had to fly through on Toothless, but none of that mattered now. He had to save the one thing he had left.

Flying through the door he had left open when he entered, he ran to the nearest patch of grass that wasn’t on fire and set the girl down, putting his ear down to her mouth to see if she was breathing. She wasn’t. He started to panic. What could he do? He didn’t know any healing spells, or spells to get oxygen back into a person’s body. He couldn’t go and look for Madame Pomfrey, the castle was too full of smoke for him to even last long inside. He took her hand in his, hoping for her to start breathing again, but she didn’t. She was gone to him, completely, just as Toothless was. He looked back to the forest, now black and gone. What was he to do? Where could he go now? He put his head down against Merida’s forehead and wept, silently.

A sharp sound scared Hiccup out of his slumber. Beads of sweat pooled on his forehead, his heart was racing, and he swore he could still smell the smoke. He sat up, hugging his legs to his chest, and rocked back and forth a moment, the dream still sinking in. Whatever he had done to cause such a nightmare, he vowed never to do it again. Once his heart calmed down, he picked up his journal and opened it to the first empty page he could find, and sketched a picture of Merida and then another of Toothless. He calmed himself down enough by drawing that he could get back to sleep. Propping the notebook up on a candle on his nightstand, he watched the faces of his two best friends, Merida and Toothless, as he drifted back to sleep.

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